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Seizoen 6

  1. It is three months after the beginning of the war, and things look bleak for the Federation. After a major defeat for Starfleet, Sisko and his crew are taken off the Defiant and given a new assignment. Bajorans return to Terok Nor under the Dominion treaty. Kira and Odo want the Bajoran security force restored as well, armed and with full authority as before. However, there will be a price. Meanwhile, Sisko's new mission is to take the Jem'Hadar ship he captured last year and destroy what is believed to be the main Ketracel-white storage facility in the Alpha Quadrant, deep in Cardassian space. But will they even manage to make it there?

  2. In their commandeered Jem'Hadar warship, crippled and under attack, Sisko and crew take refuge in a nebula where they crash on a planet which is deserted - except for a troop of Jem'Hadar who have also crashed there. Their Vorta supervisor, Keevan, has been severely injured, and their supply of Ketracel-white has dwindled to one vial. When Garak and Nog are captured, Keevan arranges a trade for Sisko and Bashir, who is able to treat the Vorta. In exchange, Keevan makes a proposal which will enable Sisko and crew to survive--but not without a moral dilemma. Meanwhile, on Terok Nor, Kira finds it increasingly difficult to maintain neutrality.

  3. After rescuing Sisko's crew in the Rotarran, Martok and Worf take on a group of five replacements from the Klingon Defense Forces - one of which, to Worf's surprise, is his son, Alexander Rozhenko, whom he had sent to live with his foster grandparents on Earth. Alexander refuses to discuss his reasons for joining the Empire's forces, especially with his father, and unfortunately he is the butt of the other recruits' jokes, leaving Worf in an awkward position. Meanwhile, on the station, Ziyal has returned, and Kira tries to get along with Dukat for her sake.

  4. On Terok Nor, Kira and Rom engineer a brawl between the Cardassians and the Jem'Hadar, a ploy which Odo had disapproved of. At this time comes the female Changeling, who has been trapped in the Alpha Quadrant by the minefield. Odo's need for answers soon overcomes his distrust of her, and soon they are sharing the Link, to Kira's dismay - which could spell disaster for the entire Alpha Quadrant. Meanwhile, Sisko is promoted to the position of adjutant to Admiral Ross, and must stay behind as the Defiant goes on a mission to destroy a vast Dominion sensor array.

  5. Sisko's plan to take back DS9 is approved by Starfleet, while on the station, Kira and Quark are anxious to free Rom, who has been scheduled for execution, but Rom urges Quark to destroy the antigraviton beam instead. Ziyal tries to talk to her father on Rom's behalf, but he refuses, causing a renewed estrangement. With the minefield coming down within a week, Jake sends a message (via Morn) to his father, who hastens the assembling of the task force. Finally Sisko sets out, once more in command of the Defiant, to retake DS9 and prevent Dominion reinforcements from arriving through the wormhole - but Weyoun and Dukat are ready.

  6. As the battle begins, Kira and her associates are 'held for questioning'. Ziyal aids Quark in freeing them, and Kira and Rom head for the central computer core, aided along the way by Odo, who has broken away from the Female Changeling's influence. Meanwhile, the Defiant breaks through the Dominion lines and heads for DS9 - too late to prevent the detonation of the mines. Then Sisko orders the Defiant into the wormhole to face the Dominion reinforcements.

  7. The war is still going on, but the celebratory mood on the station following the return of Starfleet has yet to wear off. Worf and Dax decide to get married on DS9 so that Alexander can attend before his transfer. While Worf undergoes a 'Klingon bachelor party' (involving fasting and various torments) with his friends and son, Dax is evaluated by Martok's wife Sirella, who must approve all marriages into the house. But Sirella finds Dax distinctly lacking. Will Dax prove her worthiness? Will Worf get to have his dream wedding? Will Bashir and O'Brien survive the bachelor party?

  8. A man unexpectedly beams into Ops. It is Bareil, the mirror universe's version of the late Vedek Bareil. The mirror Bareil, a thief who used a multidimensional transporter to escape his universe, takes Kira hostage but she soon subdues him. As she gets to know him, she finds herself attracted to him. But Bareil - and Kira's alternate self, the Intendent - have another agenda.

  9. Four people who were genetically engineered as children and were institutionalized due to side effects of the treatment are brought to DS9 to meet Bashir, as an example of someone like them who is leading a productive life. Their insights into the war lead Bashir to believe they could be invaluable to Starfleet - but then they make a series of calculations which indicate that the only way to save Federation lives is to surrender to the Dominion.

  10. The Grand Nagus contacts Quark with the news that Quark's mother Ishka has been captured by the Dominion, Zek offers Quark 50 bars of latinum to rescue her. Quark, who wants to prove that Ferengi can be as heroic as anyone else, puts together a team consisting of himself, Rom, Nog, Leck, Gaila, and Brunt. They are hopeless as commandos, so Sisko arranges a prisoner exchange: Starfleet lets the Ferengi trade Keevan, a Vorta POW, for Ishka. But will Quark and his team survive long enough to make the exchange and save Moogie?

  11. En route to Gul Dukat's war crimes investigation, Sisko meets with the former Cardassian leader, now a prisoner. Dukat, who suffered a nervous breakdown over the death of his daughter, assures Sisko that he has recovered. Suddenly, the starship transporting them is destroyed by Cardassian troops. Sisko is seriously injured, but Dukat escapes with him to a nearby planet and tends to his wounds. When Sisko regains consciousness, Dukat informs him that they are stranded and he is sending out a distress signal.

  12. Sad news reaches DS9 - Morn, one of Quark's favorite and most dedicated customers, has been killed in an ion storm. But the tragedy is somewhat mitigated for Quark when he learns that Morn left a will designating him as the sole heir to his possessions - which, Quark finds out thanks to a trail of clues, include 1000 bricks of gold-pressed latinum. However, Quark is not the only one who feels he has a claim to the money.

  13. After the loss of a friend in the war, a despondent Sisko is considering giving up and leaving the fight to someone else - but then he begins having strange hallucinations, in which he is Benny Russell, a struggling black writer for a science fiction magazine, facing racism on Earth in the 1950's. Inspired by a drawing of a space station, Benny writes a story called 'Deep Space Nine', about the adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko - but the magazine editor, Pabst, refuses to run the story, believing that no one will want to read a story about a black captain. Will Benny's dream of a better future prevail...or is Pabst right?

  14. The Defiant is surveying a rare subspace compression phenomenon in Federation space, with the aid of the runabout Rubicon, which is miniaturized (along with Dax, O'Brien, and Bashir), when they are attacked by Jem'Hadar who board the Defiant and capture its officers. The tiny Rubicon manages to get inside the Defiant, where the officers are working to retake the ship as they are made to repair the warp drive. Can the Rubicon's crew somehow aid them...and can they ever return to normal size?

  15. O'Brien is on an undercover mission for Starfleet Intelligence on Farius Prime. His job is to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate, the Alpha Quadrant's leading organized crime ring, in order to learn the identity of their contact in Starfleet. O'Brien gets himself into the good graces of a man named Bilby. Eventually, O'Brien is able to identify the traitor, but also learns that the Orion Syndicate is working with the Dominion to assassinate the Klingon ambassador to Farius. With Bilby slated to be the trigger man, O'Brien must betray either Starfleet or his friend.

  16. Worf and Dax are sent out together in a runabout to contact Lasaran, a Cardassian who has been passing information to Starfleet and is considered a vital source of intelligence on the Dominion. When Lasaran asks for aid in defecting to the Federation, Worf and Dax agree to pick him up at a rendezvous point on Sukara, a planet with a Dominion base. As they trek together through a jungle, Dax is critically wounded by a Jem'Hadar patrol, and Worf must make the choice of whether to complete the mission or save his wife's life. Back on the station, O'Brien persuades Bashir to try and break Quark's winning streak at Tongo.

  17. On what would have been her mother's 60th birthday, Kira is contacted by Dukat, who claims that he and her mother had been lovers. Kira investigates via the Orb of Time, which sends her to 2346. There, she meets and befriends her mother, Kira Meru, only to be taken along with her when they are chosen as 'comfort women' for the Cardassians. Meru catches Dukat's eye, and to Nerys' dismay, seems to be taken in by his solicitude. Will Nerys let her anger and disappointment lead her to change the timeline?

  18. Bashir is planning to leave for a medical conference, but instead is confined to quarters along with the other officers due to an inquiry led by Deputy Director Sloan of Starfleet Internal Affairs. Sloan centers his investigation around Bashir, whom he accuses of spying for the Dominion - reporting to them while suppressing the memories of doing so. Despite his insistence that he has no such memories, Bashir is arrested and subjected to mounting pressure as his past actions are cast in a sinister light by Sloan.

  19. With things looking grim for the war effort against the Dominion, Sisko becomes convinced that he must somehow bring the Romulans into the conflict on the Federation side. He enlists Garak to find evidence of possible Dominion plans to attack Romulus, but such evidence can't be obtained legitimately, so Garak persuades Sisko that they can manufacture the evidence - a fake holoprogram. What lengths will Sisko go to, and what rules will he break, even if it saves lives?

  20. Bashir introduces the other officers to his new holoprogram featuring Vic Fontaine, a Las Vegas lounge singer of the 1960s who impresses everyone with his perceptiveness concerning their love lives. When Kira leaves to see Shakaar on Bajor, Odo, despairing of ever having his feelings for her returned, begins using Bashir's holoprogram to consult Vic, who gives him tips on how to win a woman's heart. He creates a few holo-woman for Odo. After a week of Odo visiting the Holosuite, Vic introduces his pupil to Lola, a sexy holographic chanteuse who looks exactly like Kira.

  21. Seeing it launches Sisko into a vision, during which the Prophets tell him 'the Reckoning' must begin. Since no one knows exactly what this means, Sisko takes the tablet back to Deep Space Nine for Dax to translate. Kai Winn arrives on the station and pushes Sisko to return it, but he refuses, convinced he is doing the will of the Prophets. Soon afterward, the wormhole begins opening and closing. When the Kai informs Sisko that Bajor is suffering floods and tornadoes and accuses him of angering the Prophets, Sisko agrees to return the tablet on the next morning's transport. Later that night, Sisko examines the tablet one final time. He instinctively smashes it on the ground, releasing a strange vortex of violent energy. Sisko tells Winn he believes he has done what the Prophets wanted him to do. While privately moved, she refuses to acknowledge Sisko's faith in her gods and continues to blame him for the destruction affecting Bajor. In the midst of Winn's ranting, Sisko is called to the Promenade, where Kira is ablaze with bluish energy. He realizes that she is no longer Kira, but a Prophet announcing it is time for the Reckoning.

  22. Just after leaving a starbase with a diplomatic message for the Grand Nagus, a runabout carrying Nog and Jake is attacked by Jem'Hadar fighters, but the two are rescued by the USS Valiant, a Defiant-class ship manned by a crew of Red Squad cadets who were out on a training cruise when the war broke out. Nog is made Chief Engineer by Captain Watters, who plans to complete the Valiant's mission of obtaining technical data on a Dominion battleship. Once this is accomplished, however, Watters decides to destroy the battleship - which may be a fatal mistake.

  23. Zek returns to DS9, accompanied by Quark's mother, Ishka. His amendment of the Ferengi Bill of Opportunities to give females the right to wear clothing has resulted in planetary chaos on Ferenginar and Zek's removal from office. Brunt is now Acting Grand Nagus, a position which will become permanent in three days unless Zek can persuade the FCA to reinstate him. The plan is for the FCA commissioners to come to DS9 to meet Ishka, but only one, Nilva, agrees. However, Ishka has a heart attack during an argument with Quark, who is obliged to pose as Zek's 'other' female advisor.

  24. Keiko, Molly, and Kirayoshi have returned to the station, and to celebrate, Miles takes them on a picnic to Golana. While there, however, Molly falls into a heretofore undiscovered time portal left behind by an ancient civilization. Miles is finally able to retrieve her, but the calculations are off, and Molly is beamed back as an 18-year-old who has survived for ten years and has turned savage in the process. The O'Briens do their best to help her re-socialize, but Starfleet wants to institutionalize her. Can her parents make the choice to give her the only home she knows?

  25. Onboard the Defiant, Sisko and the crew pick up a distress signal and the voice of Captain Lisa Cusak, whose escape pod has crashed on a remote planet following the destruction of her ship. Although two-way communication has not been established, Lisa transmits her voice constantly as the crew begins the six-day trip to rescue her. O'Brian listens to the sometimes-amusing monologue and is surprised when she -- having overheard a conversation between him and Kasidy Yates -- suddenly speaks to him. Both realize contact has been established, and Lisa finally knows she will be rescued.

  26. Starfleet Command decides to take the offensive in the war against the Dominion, and Sisko is chosen to lead the invasion of Cardassia. The first target is the Chin'toka System, picked for its diminished defenses. Unfortunately, the crew is unaware that the Cardassian/Dominion Alliance has secretly deployed hundreds of orbital weapon platforms to protect system, and that Gul Dukat has returned claiming he has the key to destroying Sisko and the Federation.