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Gambit Part II

Riker is accepted into Baran's outlaw fold by pretending to be an old enemy of 'Galen', and the mercenaries' mission continues. Picard discovers that Baran's gang is not looking for Romulan artifacts, but for ancient Vulcan artifacts. The Romulan mercenary Tallera reveals herself as an undercover Vulcan security operative, and she earns Picard's trust enough for him to reveal his own identity. A Klingon shuttle pilot carrying the last of three vital artifacts is intercepted by the Enterprise, which becomes Baran's next target. Riker is left for dead on the Enterprise by Picard to resume command, as Picard leads a mutiny among the mercenaries and kills Baran. Picard must try to play into Riker's hands without arousing the mercenaries' suspicions - or Tallera's.

The Next Generation, seizoen 7