- Planet

Journey's End

Wesley Crusher, on a sabattical from Starfleet Academy, has returned to the Enterprise in an attempt to recoup his energies in time to graduate. He is troubled by something which he has yet to reveal to anyone, but more pressing matters are on the mind of Picard and the crew as Starfleet orders the Enterprise to evacuate or otherwise remove a colony of Native American Indians who have settled on an isolated planet to preserve their culture. This planet is now due to be handed over to the Cardassians according to the terms of a treaty which realigns the borders of Federation and Cardassian space, and the Indian colonists will no longer be welcome. Tired of their history of being displaced by territorial bureaucracy, the Indians of Dorvin V decide to reshape the borders themselves to protect what they hold sacred - and they find a sympathizer in Wesley, who jeopardizes his Starfleet career to help them and learn more about them.

The Next Generation, seizoen 7