- Planet


An Iyaaran delegation visits the Enterprise for the first formal diplomatic function between Iyar and the Federation. Picard is scheduled to shuttle back to Iyar, while Iyaaran ambassadors Loquel and Byleth remain on the Enterprise. The Iyaaran shuttle taking Picard back to their homeworld crash-lands on a planet covered with violent electrical storms, one of whose plasma lightning bolts injures Picard when he leaves the shuttle to look for medical aid for the critically injured pilot. A woman named Anna, who has apparently been stranded alone on the planet for seven years, gets Picard to shelter inside a crashed freighter. On the Enterprise, ambassadors Loquel and Byleth test the patience of their respective hosts, Troi and Worf, while Picard has to contend with a woman whose isolation has driven her to try to keep him in the crashed vessel with her - but Picard learns that no survivors of the freighter's complement or crew are actually still alive.

The Next Generation, seizoen 7