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Enterprise A

Perhaps the most famous spacecraft in the history of space exploration, the original U.S.S. Enterprise was a Constitution-class vessel, registry number NCC-1701. Launched in 2245 from the San Francisco Yards orbiting Earth, the Enterprise was first commanded by Captain Robert April, then by Captain Christopher Pike.

Superbly equipped for research in deep space, the Enterprise had 14 science labs. The ship achieved legendary status during the five-year mission commanded by Catain James T. Kirk from 2264 to 2269. the original Starship Enterprise was refitted several times during its lifetime, most notably in 2270, when virtually every major system was upgraded, a new bridge module was installed, and the warp-drive nacells were replaced. The ship was destroyed by James T. Kirk in 2285, just prior to its scheduled retirement, in order to prevent the ship from falling into Klingon hands during a rescue mission to recover the body of Captain Spock.