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One of the first species to join the Federation, the Andorians are a violent warrior race. Unlike the Klingons they tend to fight for purely practical gain rather than for personal honor or glory. Andorian culture stresses discipline and self control, and this can make them appear unsympathetic at times.

Physically, Andorians are humanoids similar to many in the Federation. They have distinctive blue skin and white hair, but the most obvious difference lies in their antenna.

The home planet of the Andorians is called Fesoan in their language, or Andor by the Federation. It is a class M planet, the eighth of nine in the Epsilon Indi system. It is a large, hot dry world with little surface water, and a gravity of 0.9g. There are, vast underground water reserves which feed surface geysers heated by geothermal energy. Oases surrounding these geysers are the centres of the planet's main population areas, since the great majority of Andor's plant life thrives where subsurface water is plentiful. The population is only in the tens of millions; as a result, Andorians are a relatively rare sight in the Federation.