- Planet


When Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise gets word that Lt. Commander Data has run amok and taken a cultural survey team hostage, his first concern is to save Data - who will have to be destroyed if he cannot be repaired. Captain Picard's effort to save Lt. Commander Data leads him to the Ba'ku planet, where the Federation and their Son'a allies are conducting a cultural survey. The Ba'ku seem at first to be a simple race of only six hundred people, living in one village on their isolated world. But when Picard meets a Ba'ku woman, Anij, he gradually learns that there is more to her people than meets the eye: She, like most of her fellow Ba'ku, is more than three hundred years old. Picard also learns that the survey is only a cover - for a plot to kidnap the Ba'ku en masse and exile them from their world.