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Star Trek movie afternoons

In September three Star Trek movie afternoons will be held in the Merral theaters. In their cinemas in Echt, Hulst and Geertruidenberg, The Undiscovered Country and Generations will be shown during the weekends.Undiscovered Country The Star Trek afternoons start at 13:30 and tickets are ? 11, while fanclub members get a ? 1 discount.

Dates, places and times of the Star Trek afternoons:

  • Echt - 'Royal', Saturday 17 September, 13.30

Richard Herd Screenheroes guest

Richard Herd as
Admiral Paris

The list of guests at the ScreenHeroes convention is getting very impressive. Not only are there several Star Trek guests who will appear at ScreenHeroes, there are also several guests from StarGate, the A-team and Battlestar Galactica who are going to come to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Dwight Schultz at ScreenHeroes

Reginald Barclay
On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25 September the 'ScreenHeroes Convention' will be held in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. ScreenHeroes just announced that Dwight Schultz will be attending. Shultz played Murdock on A-Team and Reginald Barclay on The Next Generation and Voyager.

Andrew Robinson (Garak) at New Star Con 3

With Utopia and the new ScreenHeroes convention we'd almost forget the 3rd major convention in the Netherlands: New Star Con. This third edition of New Star Con will be held on May 14 and 15. Guests at the convention include Antony Stewart Head (Giles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), David Carradine (Bill, Kill Bill) and Adrian and Neil Rayment (Matrix Twins, The Matrix).

New Star Con have announced their latest guest: Andrew Robinson who plays Garak on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.