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The Pegasus

The Enterprise is assigned to head for an asteroid belt in a sensitive area between Romulan and Federation space, with Admiral Pressman from Starfleet Security aboard. Along the way, it is clear that the Enterprise's objective is top secret, and that Pressman and Commander Riker have some old business to discuss. On his first Starfleet mission as an ensign, Riker served aboard the USS Pegasus and witnessed a shipwide mutiny against that ship's captain - Pressman. Riker defended Pressman at the time and they were among a handful of survivors who escaped before the ship was apparently destroyed by a mishap in engineering. Now, twelve years later, Pressman reveals to Riker that the Enterprise's secret mission is to search for the Pegasus - Riker's first starship still eVIsts, and still harbors the treacherous secret that once sparked a vicious mutiny whose nature is still a dark, closely-guarded secret in the files of Starfleet Security.

The Next Generation, seizoen 7